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LAND SALE SCAM UNEARTHED IN MAKOI -  PA: 012020 / 04 August 2020

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC), with assistance from the Ministry of Housing and Community Development, uncovered a scam involving over $150,000.00 FJD.

This is in relation to the relocation project to move squatters in the Nanuku Settlement to Makoi with investigations revealing that more than 80 people were tricked into paying money thinking they were purchasing land in Makoi from the Minister, when no such deal existed.

Two (2) individuals have been arrested in relation to the scam and for issuing fake receipts to interested buyers with a stamp carrying the supposed endorsement of the Minister.

FICAC wishes to inform the public that the Minister and Ministry are not partaking in transactions such as these and anyone engaged in this type of activities should be reported immediately.

Furthermore, FICAC invites the public to come forward with evidence or information relating to this scam, especially if they have also fallen victim to this.

A copy of the receipt issued during these fake transactions is below to identify the fake receipts as the Ministry does not issues receipts like this.

For further queries, please call the FICAC toll-free line 1322.


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