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Sunday 6 December 2020 – The Ministry of Housing and Community Development has extended the closing date for making submissions on the proposed Lot Allocation Policy in Informal Settlements till 15th December 2020.

The Permanent Secretary Sanjeeva Perera said that so far a total of 1,988 people have attended the public consultation sessions organized around the country. 

Mr. Perera added that the closing date for submissions has been extended considering the high level of interest shown by the public and the many requests from communities for the Ministry to visit them again for community meetings.  

“Overall, the turnout has been truly encouraging with the Central division recording 425 people, the Northern division recorded 62, while the West recorded 1, 501; we also received written submissions from communities after careful review of the policy and this is very encouraging,” said Mr. Perera.

The Permanent Secretary explained that the highest number of clarifications were on the lot allocation criteria, use of market value, and how to pay for the allocated lots.  

“Given that the Policy proposes to use the market value as the basis for calculating the relevant Lot Allotment Price, many interested individuals requested clarification on how and when the valuation will be done, by whom, who will pay for it and also if it is only the land or whether the structures already built on land be valued as well; we are glad that the proposed policy covers all these areas very clearly and our clarifications were well received by the public,” Mr. Perera stated.

During the consultation, Ministry staffs were also able to clarify the benefit and value of obtaining a formal registered lease title over any existing or informal lease arrangements that may currently exist. The Ministry was also able to provide more information and clarification on the Informal Settlement Upgrade Programme or ISUP and the upgrade process.


The Permanent Secretary also said that they were receiving online submissions and with the closing date now extended, they expect more submissions on the proposed policy.

We are encouraging all Fijians to participate and not only those who live in an informal settlement. This is your time to critically analyse the policy.

 “We thank all Fijians who attended the Consultations and contributed to the discussions; we urge all those who did not attend to give their views through written submission or through online mode. This consultation is for you and we would like to hear from you,” Mr. Perera stated.




For further information please contact:


Mr. Sanjeeva Perera

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Housing and Community Development



Tel: 3309918

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