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Rural Housing Assistance


The Ministry of Housing and Community Development promotes and facilitates the provision of accessible and adequate housing for low and middle-income households via the Housing Authority, the Public Rental Board and the Ministry’s rural housing assistance programme. 

Targeted subsides are offered which support home ownership, ensure access to affordable rentals for those in need and provide assistance with the cost of housing construction in rural areas.

Housing Assistance for Rural and Maritime Areas

The program provides the much needed assistance and supports the construction of new homes that is more affordable, durable and cyclone resistant under different categories in Fiji’s rural and maritime communities. The program has been designed in a way that would encourage community involvement and participation. 


This program was previously managed by the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and was transferred to the Ministry of Housing and Community Development to consolidate all housing matters under one ministry. Under this program, the Ministry manages two assistance schemes:


Scheme 1 

The applicants contribute to the total cost of the materials of constructing the house and assist with cost effective procurement at government tender prices and delivers the materials to the applicants at the cost of the Ministry. 


Scheme 2

The applicant and the Ministry share the cost of the materials in the proportion of 1/3 and 2/3 respectively of a maximum value of $18,000 per house as per the standard 24’x16’ timber frame RHA house plan provided by the Ministry in this program, which includes sanitation facilities.  The Ministry will procure the materials and deliver to the applicant. 


What other assistance is offered?
  • Technical consultation and advice, provision of standard plans, purchase/delivery of building materials, supervision of community building projects and other services approved by the Permanent Secretary for Housing & Community Development. Under both scheme 1 and scheme 2, the Ministry also assists applicants with the house plans which meets the cyclone standards and also carry out inspections to ensure work quality


  • Building Plans Drawings for standard open, two or three bedroom type houses, community hall and church buildings in concrete or timber frame are available. Standard plan will be provided .



Who can apply?

Anyone living in rural and maritime area with annual household income of $15,000 or less may apply for this, provided:

  • You are a Fiji Citizen

  • Above the age of 18 

  • Do not already own a house

  • Reside permanently in a rural settlement recognised by the Provincial Council

  • Cannot be assisted by the Housing Authority and Home Finance, or other lending agencies and for community building projects in areas not covered by Local Authority and Urban By-Laws.  

  • Those who are eligible under the FNPF Village Housing Scheme – (For Scheme 1 only)

How do I apply for this? 

You may apply through your Divisional Commissioner's office, Provincial Administrators, District Offices, Legal Aid Offices, using the application form.


You will be required to provide the following documents with your application:

  • Declaration of income and salary slip.

  • Birth certificate.

  • Certified copy of photo identification.

  • Marriage certificate (if applicable).

  • Confirmation Letter from the Turaqa Ni Koro or Advisory Counselors 

  • Lease document or certificate of title.


Whom can I contact for further assistance?


Francis W T. Shackley at francis.shackley@govnet.gov.fj

Or call 330 9918 during working hours: 

Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 4.30pm

Friday 8.00am – 4.00

Social Housing Assistance

The Ministry of Housing and Community Development is the line ministry for the two housing agencies; the Housing Authority and the Public Rental Board.

The two statutory bodies, enabled under the Housing Act 1955, have a reporting responsibility to the Ministry. The Ministry is responsible for providing policy direction and advice to the two agencies and must ensure that the two government housing agencies for fill their statutory obligations under the Housing Act.