Who are we

The Ministry of Housing and Community Development (MHCD) is responsible for strategy, policy, funding assistance, monitoring and regulation of Fiji’s housing system. We play a lead role in promoting and facilitating the provision of accessible and adequate housing for low and middle-income households and people living in informal settlements.

Our History

The Ministry was established in 2018 as a dedicated stand-alone line ministry with a singular focus on the housing sector bringing together Fiji’s long running urban housing programme, previously overseen by the Department of Housing within a wider Ministry for Local Government, and the rural housing programme that was previously overseen by Ministry for Rural and Maritime Development.


What we do

We’re working to:

  • review the national housing policy and strategy

  • increase public and private housing supply

  • modernise housing sector legislation

  • increase access to affordable housing, for people to rent and buy

We work closely with other central and local government agencies, our partners in the housing sector and our local communities.

Housing Legislation

We oversee and contribute to the development and monitoring, of all housing related legislation including the:

  • Housing    Act 1955

  • Fair Rents Act 1965

  • Unit Titles Act 1985

  • Residential Tenancies Act (DRAFT)


Our Minister

Hon. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

Attorney-General and Minister for Economy, Civil Service, Communications, Housing and Community Development

Our Permanent Secretary

Mr Sanjeeva Perera


Our Team
Ronit Sen

Director - Housing

Joseph Williams

Complaints Officer

Salesh Ram

Senior Technical Officer – Projects

Shania Hussain

Customer Service Officer

Francis Shackley

Team Leader – Rural Housing