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Informal Settlement Upgrade and Formalisation Programme (ISUP) 

This is an in-situ capital program targeted towards those living in informal settlements, with the aim of offering long term land tenure of 99-year leases for fully serviced and subdivided lots within these areas. These upgrades are carried out with minimum disturbance to the day to day lives of residents in these settlements.

This programme is strategically aligned with Fiji’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The upgrading and formalisation of informal settlements supports Fiji’s progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 of ‘Making Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive; Safe; Resilient and Sustainable’ with a target ensuring access for all to adequate safe and affordable housing and basic services and upgrade slums [informal settlements] by 2030.

This programme also supports the Fijian Governments’ vision of “Accessible and adequate housing for all” as outlined in Fiji’s National Development Plan.The Fijian Government aims to increase affordable and quality housing to low to middle income households, and Fijians living in informal settlements, and is keen to explore well-structured solutions to housing issues.

This ongoing program to improve housing conditions for Fijians living in informal settlements also supports progressing achievement of the right to accessible and adequate housing, as guaranteed under the Constitution of Fiji (2013) Sec. 35, and the strategic goal of the National Housing Policy to achieve affordable and decent housing for all in Fiji.

The ISUP Program is progressively planned and implemented through the Ministry’s established Informal Settlement Land Development Project Management Framework that has the following five phases:

Informal Settlement Monitoring Unit   

This unit was established within the Ministry in year 2020 to assist in:

  • Developing an accurate and complete database of the number, location and socio-economic profile of the informal settlements in Fiji

  • Setting up representative committees within the settlements to assist in coordinated development of settlements

  • Facilitating requests from informal settlers for temporary water, electricity connections

  • Controlling further illegal construction

  • Attending to complaints and inquiries from informal settlers

Other complimenting programs

Parallel to the ISUP, the Ministry has two ongoing partner pilot projects that will assist the Ministry to identify new approaches and best practises for the upgrade and development of informal settlements in Fiji.  These two projects are:

Informal Settlement Data
  • Total Number of Informal Settlements in Fiji – in excess of 250 settlements on state, iTaukei and freehold land (this number is under verification)

  • Total Number of Informal Settlements under the Development Lease of the Ministry – 48 settlements

  • Informal Settlements Upgraded and Formalised to date – 5 Settlements

  • Number of Informal Settlement in Completion Phase – 3 Settlements ​

  • Number of Informal Settlements under Development – 12 Settlements 

Are you currently living within one of the Ministry’s Development Lease Areas?


  • Your house should have a number assigned by the Ministry of Housing 

  • Your land rent has been paid upfront by the Ministry for the term of the development lease – you do not need to pay!

  • Ministry is working on developing scheme plans for your settlement

  • You are advised not to carry out any extension of house/ construction of new houses (If your house need urgent structural repairs for safety of your family, you can contact the Ministry for advice); you should inform the Ministry if you notice any such activities.

  • You can contact the Ministry for consent for temporary water/ electricity connections to your existing house.

Whom can I contact for further assistance?

Please email Ms. Shania Shabnam e-mail:

Or call 330 9918 during working hours: 

Monday  – Thursday 8.00am – 4.30pm

Friday  8.00am – 4.00pm







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