Public Consultation on the Informal Settlement Lot Allocation Policy


Closed Tuesday 15 December 2020 (extended deadline)        

Opened Saturday 21 November 2020


(This policy is applicable to allocation of lots in upgraded informal settlements only)



The Ministry of Housing and Community Development (the Ministry) has sought public feedback on the review of the Informal Settlement Lot Allocation Policy. The current Lot Allocation Policy was adopted by Cabinet in 2001 and has many outdated guidelines. The new policy is expected to address prevailing challenges relating to the topic, and to bring a higher degree of transparency and fairness to process.

What is the ISUP Lot Allocation Policy?


The Lot Allocation Policy assists the Ministry to implement and deliver the Government’s Informal Settlement Upgrade Programme (ISUP).

Download the Draft Policy Here

The main objectives of the policy is to:

  • provide clarity and certainty to the community on:

        (i)   Who is eligible for lots;

        (ii)  How lots will be allocated;

        (iii) What price will be charged;

        (iv) What is the level of government subsidy for those receiving lots;

        (v)  How can the payments be made for the lots allocated; and 

        (vi) Other matters such as – can you sell your lot at a later date.


  • ensure fair and equitable allocation of Lots within Informal Settlements to eligible informal Settlers;

  • Introduce a clear and detailed ‘means tested’ process in selecting eligible informal setters and deciding the government subsidy for each recipient of lots

We value your views:


Government spends large amounts of tax payer money in upgrading and formalising informal settlements. The Ministry of Housing and Community Development has a responsibility to ensure that these funds are directed towards assisting those who genuinely need Government Assistance. It is important for all Fijians to understand and share their views on this government initiative to assist the low income earning Fijians in home ownership. It is equally important for those living in informal settlements to understand the process through which they can benefit from this program and to provide their comments.

How can you provide your views?


The scheduled face-to-face consultations around the country have now concluded.

Online feedback closed on Tuesday 15 December 2020



How will your Views Assist Us?

Now that the public submission period has ended, the Ministry will collect and analyse all feedback on the proposed policy. The analysis of the feedback will be presented to Cabinet in early 2021. The Ministry will recommend that Cabinet consider the public - views and make a decision on the adopting the revised policy. 


The final approved policy will be published on the Ministry website for your information.

If you need any further information on this draft policy, or would like to have a Hindi or vosa vaka Viti language version of this information sheet, please contact Suruj on 330 9918 or

National Housing Policy Review

The Ministry is currently reviewing the existing National Housing Policy, the key strategic policy document for the housing sector in Fiji.


This strategic project will, in consultation with our housing sector stakeholders and partners, involve:

  • Comprehensively mapping  both supply and demand across the housing  continuum in Fiji  to assist with the identification of gaps, overlaps, challenge and opportunities

  • Launching an updated National Housing Policy which sets out a clear vision, objectives  and areas of focus which will guide the housing sector in Fiji toward achieving the desired housing outcomes over the short, medium and longer term

  • Developing an enhanced and streamlined regulatory and policy framework for the housing sector in Fiji to support the implementation of the National Housing Policy

  • Ensuring that an appropriate national agency structure is in place for implementing policy

Fiji’s existing National Housing Policy was launched in 2011. This inaugural housing policy set out a strategic direction for achieving ‘affordable and decent housing for all” in Fiji.  The approaching ten year anniversary of this policy provides a timely opportunity for review.


The Ministry will hold public consolations on the revised national housing policy later in 2020. Should you wish to find out more about this project, or be involved in the consultations, please contact: Mr Keith Hornby on email: