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The Fiji Shelter Handbook focuses on shelter coordination and response in Fiji.

The handbook holistically supports the shelter sector’s preparedness for and response to disasters such as cy-clones, floods, droughts, earthquakes and tsunamis. This support is especially relevant in the context of the severe climate change impacts faced by Pacific nations like Fiji.

One of the key challenges faced by the sector is the timely deployment into relief and the transition into early recovery and lasting resilience.

This is important to ensure affected communities are pro- vided a pathway to durable shelter solutions as quickly as possible.

Supporting Resilient (Re)Construction in Remote Fijian Communities

This publication is supported by the New Zealand Government and produced by Habitat for Humanity New Zealand and Habitat for Humanity Fiji, as part of the Partnership for International Development ‘Stand Strong’ project.

This work was developed by Temily Baker, Mereoni Matalomani, Losevati Naidike, Arieta Tupou and Salote Valentine with the endless support from Habitat for Humanity family members from New Zealand: Jamila Homayun and Lou Maea and Fiji: National Director Masi Latianara, Managers Michael Hill, Tasianna Lulu, Marlon Atalifo and Kanito Lovobalavu, and Carpenters Suliano Viliame Kalougata and Iosefo Vilikesa.

HELP FOR HOME Tips to Build Back Safer

This is an open source document. Copies of all or part of this manual may be made for noncommercial use, providing the source is acknowledged.

Proper construction of the structures and techniques in this brochure, remain the responsibility of the individual, company or organization constructing them.

Partners who contributed to the development of this documents are acknowledged on top of page 32. If you want to reprint it, you could include your logo on the bottom of page 32, but not on the outsided cover of this document.

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