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The Ministry of Housing is responsible for strategy, policy, funding assistance, monitoring and regulation of Fiji’s housing system. We play a lead role in promoting and facilitating the provision of accessible and adequate housing for low and middle-income households and people living in informal settlements.

The Ministry was established in 2018 as a dedicated stand-alone line ministry with a singular focus on the housing sector bringing together Fiji’s long running urban housing programme, previously overseen by the Department of Housing within a wider Ministry for Local Government, and the rural housing programme that was previously overseen by Ministry for Rural and Maritime Development.

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The First Home Ownership Initiative was launched in 2014 to provide affordable and quality housing for all Fijians and increasing home ownership across the country, for low and middle-income earners. 

Since its inception in 2014, the First Home Ownership Initiative has assisted close to 3760 Fijian households to a tune of $36 million. First Home Purchase Program and First Land Purchase programs are the two main assistance programs...

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This is an in-situ capital program targeted towards those living in informal settlements, with the aim of offering long term land tenure of 99-year leases for fully serviced and subdivided lots within these areas. These upgrades are carried out with minimum disturbance to the day to day lives of residents in these settlements. The Ministry of Housing and Community Development has acquired 48 development leases earmarked... 


In addition to the Ministry of Housing  core programmes the Ministry also implements, via a wide range of partners, the following housing assistance programs specifically targeted at different identified needs across the housing continuum in Fiji.

  • HART 

  • Koro-i-pita (Model Town Charitable Trust)

  • UN - Habitat 

  • RISE 


17TH November 2023

Illegal Housing Construction in Informal Settlements to Be Cracked Down On

The Ministry of Housing is taking a firm stance against illegal housing construction in informal settlements, announcing stringent measures to enforce compliance with the law. The Ministry is invoking the Informal Settlement Housing Development Act to curb the rampant growth of unauthorized constructions and ensure the safety and well-being of residents in these areas.

Informal settlements, often plagued by inadequate infrastructure and substandard living conditions, have become a major concern for the Ministry. The uncontrolled expansion of housing in these settlements not only poses serious safety risks to residents but also disrupts planned urban development.

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