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26th October 2023

Ministry of Housing Unveils Ambitious 12-Year Development Plan for Informal Settlements 

The Ministry of Housing is proud to announce its comprehensive 12-year development plan aimed at transforming informal settlements into sustainable and thriving communities. This groundbreaking initiative reflects the government's unwavering commitment to improving the living conditions of thousands of citizens residing in these settlements and ensuring equitable access to basic amenities and services.

Recognizing the urgent need to address the challenges faced by informal settlements, the Ministry has undertaken an extensive research and planning process, engaging with local communities, experts, and stakeholders to devise an inclusive and impactful strategy. This ambitious 12-year plan will focus on key areas such as infrastructure, housing, and economic opportunities to create a sustainable future for informal settlement residents.

The Ministry has completed three informal settlements, which is Waidamudamu in Nausori, Cuvu in Sigatoka and Ledrusasa in Nadi. Civil works phase has commenced in Sakoca in Nasinu, Tavela in Nadi and Field 4 and Tore in Lautoka.

Informal settlements that are in Preparatory stages are Caubati, Nandonumai, Lovu sea-side, Sasawira, Delaisaweni, Vunika, Wakanisila, Nabare and Valewaquyaya. There are thirty- three other informal settlements that are in the preliminary stages.

The Ministry, recognizing the importance of providing adequate housing for all citizens, has undertaken a commendable initiative to upgrade three informal settlements within the country. These settlements are characterized by their makeshift structures, limited access to basic amenities, and lack of legal recognition, are often home to marginalized communities living in challenging conditions. Through this ambitious project, the Ministry aims to transform these settlements into thriving, inclusive neighbourhoods with improved infrastructure and enhanced living conditions.

The plan places a significant emphasis on infrastructure development, aiming to provide reliable access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and electricity. The Ministry will collaborate with relevant agencies to upgrade existing infrastructure and construct new facilities where necessary, ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply of basic services to informal settlements.

Recognizing that adequate housing is a fundamental right, the Ministry will implement measures to upgrade and formalize housing structures within informal settlements.

Minister of Housing and Local Government Hon Maciu Nalumisa expressed his enthusiasm for the 12-year development plan, stating, "This comprehensive strategy will bring about a transformational change in informal settlements, ensuring that all citizens have access to basic amenities and opportunities for a better future. We are committed to working closely with the communities and other stakeholders to implement this plan effectively."

The Ministry of Housing invites all stakeholders, including community leaders, NGOs, and citizens, to actively participate in the implementation and monitoring of the 12-year development plan. By working together, it is believed that these settlements can evolve into vibrant and inclusive communities, providing a better living environment for all residents.

By upgrading these informal settlements, Ministry of Housing strives to create vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods .The project serves as a testament to the government's commitment to housing rights, poverty alleviation, and inclusive urban development. The transformation of these settlements will not only enhance the well-being of the communities involved but also contribute to the overall progress of the nation.




For further information please contact:


Mr. Manasa Lesuma

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Housing


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