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The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) and the Ministry of Housing and Community wish to advise the public about the alleged sale of land plots in the River Road Informal Settlement in Narere and the Millennium Informal Settlement in Nausori which are part of the latest scams affecting the public.


It has been found that some members of the public are being made to believe that they are receiving or securing land from the Ministry of Housing and Community Development with accompanying approval letters bearing headers of the Ministry or that of the Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment.


These fake letters are advising applicants of the approval of their application to construct their house in either Narere or Nausori and further state the conditions of approval to carry out the said construction or extension.


These perpetrators are scammers who act as agents or middlemen between the public and officials purporting to be representing the Ministry of Housing and Community.


Investigations by FICAC have revealed that “fees” ranging from $150.00 FJD to $5,000.00 FJD have been paid by unsuspecting citizens to the perpetrators of this scam but it is suspected that there are more victims to this and the amount could be more.


The public is strongly advised that these letters are fake and that no such deal exists for the sale of these plots in the River Road Informal Settlement in Narere and the Millennium Informal Settlement in Nausori.


Members of the public who have received these letters or similar ones from any person purporting to be from the Ministry or made any payments regarding this are urged to contact FICAC and lodge their complaint.


They are also to provide any and all documents or receipts as evidence, which will greatly assist with investigations.


Moreover, anyone who is approached by an individual who alleges that they are selling land or can secure them a plot of land from the Ministry or the Government are advised to call and report them to FICAC immediately on 1322.


For any verifications on correspondences with the Ministry, call the Director Housing, Mr Ronit Sen on 9906438 or email him on .


For further queries, please call the FICAC toll-free line 1322.

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