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Wednesday 28 April 2021 – The Ministry of Housing and Community Development is urging all residents living in Informal settlements in the containment areas along the  Nausori  - Suva to Lami corridor and between Nadi to Lautoka areas to practice  COVID 19 safety measures.


Given the extremely high number of informal settlements located in between these containment areas and the large number of Fijians residing in these settlements, the Ministry is concerned that in these settlements, the risk of spreading the COVID 19 virus would be high unless proper safety measures were followed.

Hon. Premila Kumar, Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development reiterated that residents in informal settlements need to understand the seriousness and the gravity of the situation currently faced due to the virus in the country.

“We cannot take risk of the virus spreading in the settlements as the consequences could be devastating,” Hon. Kumar stated.


The Ministry is concerned that the residents in some settlements are socialising with their neighbours over grog or just a talanoa session. Also, it has been brought to our attention that children are moving freely from one house to another in groups.


“Staying home means staying in your own home and not moving from one home to another. If infected, virus can also move from one house to another.


 “These settlements can become hotspots for the spread of the virus and the Ministry is encouraging people to observe all COVID 19 safety measures. These include practicing two meters social distancing,   wearing of face masks, washing of hands with soap and water regularly, usage of  hand sanitizers and most importantly staying home, " said Hon. Premila Kumar.

“The Ministry also wants not only the residents of these settlements but also the general public to download the care FIJI app which is vital in tracking  any local transmission of the virus,” Hon. Kumar stated.

The Minister further added that a collective approach was needed if Fiji was to come out on top against COVID-19.


“By observing the COVID 19 safety measures,  we will be assisting our  dedicated medical and health workers and the disciplinary force in doing their job and keeping all of us safe from the virus”, Hon Kumar added.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has temporarily stopped “in person counter services” during the lockdown period.


The public can contact the Ministry for its services on 3309918 or log on to to access our online services.



For further information please contact:


Mr. Sanjeeva Perera

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Housing and Community Development




Tel: 3304 364

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