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08th AUGUST 2022

$2M paid to 278 applicants who applied for Refund of Deposits Paid to PCN

The Fijian Government committed $2.27 million in the 2021/2022 revised National Budget, to refund monies paid by Fijians to People’s Community Network (PCN) in anticipation for a housing unit under the LagiLagi Housing Development Project.

The Ministry had received a total of 643 applications and has refunded more than $2million to 278 applicants. The Fijian Government further allocated $1.9 million in the 2022/2023 National Budget to refund the remaining applicants.

PCN applicant, Luke Ravuwai said he will now use the funds to invest in a house for his family.
"It was a sad time for my family because we used to sacrifice a lot of family gatherings and family functions because we were saving up for our house and now with the money returned, I will inject this funds in a house.”

Another recipient, Sukhendra Prasad was thankful to the government of the day for assisting the vulnerable.
"If it wasn't for this government’s help, I wouldn't have seen my hard earned savings back. I lost all hope, but now, with the money given back to us through the government, I will purchase a land and build a house."

The Permanent Secretary for Housing and Community Development, Mr Sanjeeva Perera said those applicants who had submitted housing agreements signed with PCN together with all other prerequisites were prioritized in payments and those submitted legitimate receipts but did not have housing agreements are now being considered for payment. He said that the Ministry anticipates to complete payments to all eligible applicants by September this year.


For further information please contact:

Mr. Sanjeeva Perera

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Housing and Community Development


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