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Monday 22 June 2020 – The Minister for Housing and Community Development Hon. Premila Kumar yesterday met with Public Rental Board (PRB) tenants at Natabua and Natokawaqa in Lautoka.

While addressing the tenants, Hon. Kumar stated that PRB was assisting tenants who were affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. They would be required to submit their application to PRB and tenants who meet the criteria would qualify for the rent freeze.

Depending on the assessment, payments would differ for each household. However, tenants will need to pay back rent owed once the situation has improved.

“During these hard times, Government is subsiding rent for PRB tenants. These are tenants who are really finding it hard to pay their rent. This rent freeze covers three months of rent payments,” said Hon. Kumar.

The Minister added that PRB flats were meant for low income earners who don’t have homes. These families occupy PRB flats with the understanding that it was only on a temporary measure, until they’re able to buy or build their own home.

“Unfortunately this is not happening. Families have occupied PRB flats for generations. Their income has increased over the years and their standard of living has somehow improved. Regardless of this, they continue to live in PRB flats.”

“All this has to change because there are more than 900 families in the waiting list. PRB is not there to help people who can help themselves, but to help the needy,” said Hon. Kumar.

The Minister said that in addressing this issue, PRB will be reviewing its Tenancy Agreement and Rules of Engagement. Tenants on the other hand will be advised on the new Tenancy Agreement.



For further information please contact:


Mr. Sanjeeva Perera

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Housing and Community Development



Tel: 3304 364

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